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Due to a lack of funding we regret to inform you that the Colorado Springs Indian Center has closed.

We would like to thank all who have helped and supported our Indian Center over the years.

Please enjoy the resources on our website while it remains online.

+         Article Links / December 16th - December 31st 2016

Ray Montoya Visits Standing Rock

CSIC's Ray Montoya volunteered at Standing Rock and shares with us his experience.

Native American network comes to Albuquerque airwaves.

New Oil Spill Contaminates Indigenous Community.

At a Glance Report on the Department of the Interior’s Actions to Advance Tribal Nations.

In the Badlands, Where Hope for the Nation’s First Tribal Park Has Faded.

Standing Rock Sioux Chairman Wants A Meeting With Donald Trump.

Bill allows return of Kennewick Man to tribes.

Corporate Accountability and the Enbridge Pipelines of the Great Lakes.

Blood and Land: The Story of Native America by JCH King – book review.

Federal grant for UMD aims to help Native American children.

Native American Artists Explore Fire At The Autry Museum.

Notah Begay's take on the biggest business asset New Mexico's overlooking, the economic power of American Indians .

How This Native American CEO Is Helping Her Community Own Its Worth.

Cherokee Language Creator To Be Honored On $1 Coin.

Native American Burial Mound to be incorporated into Missouri neighborhood.

+         Article Links / December 1st - December 15th 2016

The First Native American Woman Doctor.

This photographer is taking portraits of members of all 566 Native American tribes, and the results are powerful.

6 Misconceptions About Native American People.

A Rare Insider's View of Native American Life in Mid-20th-Century Oklahoma.

Native fashion Designs dazzle catwalks.

How I taught Russians to love Native American food.

Veterans to Serve as ‘Human Shields’ for Dakota Pipeline Protesters.

By Planting Corn, A Native American Man Hopes to return to Indigenous Foods.

Google Makes Ledger Art to Celebrate Legendary Native American Author James Welch.

Remembering Sand Creek

Discovery's Dub rates first in Native American art .

Remembering U.S. Soldiers Who Refused to Kill Native Americans at Sand Creek.

Eloise Cobell named among Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients.

Native American heritage Observed at Fort Riley.

+         Article Links / November 16th - November 30th 2016

President proclaims November is National Native American Heritage Month.

First-ever Native American Honor Flight returns home.

Nike N7 celebrates Native American Heritage Month.

Indigenous Comic Con highlights Native American artists.

The National Native News Election Project.

US Recognizing Tribal Rights.

Native Women Lead Prayer, Banner Drop in Union Station:Call on Obama to End Dakota Access Pipeline.

Vision Maker Media Streaming 40 Native Films FREE November–August 2017.

Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt Holding Benefit Concert at Standing Rock Supporting Dakota Pipeline Protests.

NATIVE Act aims to promote Native tourism.

King County Council declares November Native American Heritage Month.

DAR celebrates Native American Heritage Month.

Harvest Time: Celebrating Native American Heritage and Traditional Foods in FDPIR.

Human actions influence fire regimes in the Sierra Nevadas.

+         Article Links / November 1st - November 15th 2016

November is Native American Heritage Month.

Poles to mark Taku Khwaan, Auk Khwaan territory heal historical trauma.

Hilary Duff and Boyfriend Jason Walsh Slammed for Pilgrim and Native American Halloween Costumes.

Native American group deflects stereotypes at Arizona State Fair.

Part 2: Native Americans Most Likely to Be Killed by Police Than Other Groups, Investigation Reveals.

41st Annual American Indian Film Festival Kicks Off November 4-11 in San Francisco.

World Diabetes Day - Ancestral Native American Foods Tasting Event.

PBS: Celebrate the history, culture, and traditions of American Indians and Alaska Natives in a special collection of films, short stories and resources from Public Television.

Mark Ruffalo has joined the protests at Standing Rock to help boost an important message.

Native American History Channel Documentaries

As ‘The Highest-Regulated Race In The World,’ Native Americans Suffer Horrors.

+         Article Links / October 22nd - October 31st 2016

2016 National Native American Heritage Month Celebration.

These Native American Artists want you to know They Are 'Still Here'.

7 Myths about Native Americans That Need to Be Corrected.

Minneapolis artist challenges Native American stereotypes with multimedia show 'Skin(s)'.

Native American reservation Need Nurses.

Officials: Loopholes allow for trafficking of Native American items to foreign markets.

RCPD turning to focus groups for Native American recruitment.

Creative Indigenous Collective promotes Native talent.

+         Article Links / October 12th - October 21st 2016

Native American protesters injured as truck plows through crowd during protest.

Tribe to Continue Fight After Court Refuses to Halt Dakota Access Pipeline.

Native Health Cooking Class. No fee or supplies required. Next class 15 Oct 2016.

Blackfeet say they’ll move bison onto disputed sacred area.

2016-2017 NAJA Scholarships.

Miss Indian Arizona pageant honors tribal heritage.

Runways & Hallways New Fall Looks from Indigenous Designers.

New in Native American Jewlery.

Event aims to Build Bridges between Haskell, community.

Art exhibit presents Traditional Native American story.

Pine Ridge Girls' School Teaches female identity through Lakota culture.

+         Article Links / October 1st - October 11th 2016

Creative writing program appoints first Native American director.

Recognizing Native American culture.

This bull-riding, race car-driving Cheyenne grandma wants to be a heavyweight boxing champ.

Boulder Architecture Firms Aid in Native American Collaborative Community Plan.

Conference links poor Native American nutrition to historical trauma.

Native American tribes in Canada, U.S. to sign treaty to protect Yellowstone grizzlies.

Review: Traveling exhibit at Booth Museum misses the mark on Curtis’ American Indians.

Montana center receives $1.2M to help Native American women victims of abuse.

Bethany Yellowtail Belongs to a New Generation of Native Designers Blending Tradition with Couture.

South Dakotans should embrace state's Native American history, culture.

+         Article Links / September 22nd - September 30th 2016

New Native Health Cooking Class 2016. No fee or supplies required.

Pipeline Protest Recalls Decades of Native American Environmental Concern.

Apache Chef Revives the Cuisine of his Ancestors.

Native American Mounds (Photos).

2016 American Indian Achievement Awards.

Tribal Leaders Meet With Feds in Push Against Opioid Abuse.

How Native American heritage inspired musician Micki Free.

Spirit Lines Helen Hardin Etchings.

NATIVE AMERICA CALLING - The Magnificent Jonathan Joss - Audio Link.

+         Article Links / September 12th - September 21st 2016

Thousands Protest North Dakota Pipeline near Native American Lands.

Austin Box will be the Spiritual Advisor at the 2016 Rock Ledge Ranch Pow Wow. For additional information see the Flyer.

Download Central A Native American Band and some Blo

Native American leader excited to Honor Ancestor with UI ties.

Native American tribes to sue Nevada over voter disenfranchisement.

Native American Foster Children Suffer Under a Law originally meant to Help them.

Kasaan's Whale House restored, rededicated.

Native American artist selected for Scottsdale Public Art residency.

Seven named to Native American Hall of Honor.

Native American tribes, and Congressman Raúl Grijalva lead move to conserve Gila River land.

Rolly: The good, bad and ugly of attitudes toward Native Americans.

Thousands celebrate Native American culture and heritage at Gathering of the Tribes.

+         Article Links / September 1st - September 11th 2016

Half a dozen Native American tribes from across the nation gather with Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to protest Dakota Access Pipeline.- Video Included.

Schriever AFB engages in Diversity Day that showcases a variety of cultures. Images of the Gathering of Spirits drum group at Diversity Day:
1. Gathering of Spirits
2. Gathering of Spirits

Four Directions event highlights Native American culture.

Meet Wendy Red Star one of contemporary Native American Art's new faces.

WKKF Awards $2.5 Million to Transform Image of Native Americans.

Hopi House offers Native American goods at Grand Canyon.- Video Included.

Morganton archaeological site Includes 16th century Native American town and Spanish fort.

Circle of culture Adamstown Powwow tribute to Native American community.

Coach brings more Native American students to Bacone.

What you should know about the Native American battle happening now.

Judge OKs return of Native American shield.

+         Article Links / August 22nd - August 31st 2016

Native American Pipeline Protest Halts Construction in N.Dakota. - Video Included.

and (second source same subject)

The North Dakota Oil Pipeline: Derogation of Native American Tribal Land Rights.

Oregon Math Teacher Native American Trade Routes.- Audio Included.

Native Americans revisit their ties to Banning Ranch.

Virginia Beach resident interprets pre-contact Native American history at Jamestown Settlement.

Arizona hotel ripped for trashing Native American staff online then firing employee who complained.

Culture Pass The Legacy of Lloyd Kiva New.- Video Included.

Cedar City artist dedicates his work to preserving Native American fur trade art.

Native Americans continue to battle for voting equality in court.

Colonize that! "Culture Power in Native American Art".

Shakers host Maine Native American artisans.

We would like to hear from you!

+         Article Links / August 12th - August 21st 2016

To Rest In Peace Court rules Native American remains be returned to La Jolla burial site.

How Washington Is Regulating American Indians To Death.

Arizona artist shares Native American teachings in his paintings.

In Minnesota Wilderness Young Traveler Feels Native American Presence.

Boom! 8 Must-See Films by ‘Suicide Squad’ Actor Adam Beach.

Lakes named for two Native American chiefs and a princess.

Ancient burial mound reveals role of women in "America's 1st city".

Hunting wipes out Alaska wolf pack.

We still want to hear from you!

+         Article Links / August 1st - August 11th 2016

David Bald Eagle Lakota Chief, Musician, Cowboy And Actor Dies At 97

Native American themes run through children's program.

Do I Really Have African and Native American Ancestry?

THE SCRIBBLER: Amish ask for forgiveness from Native Americans.

Justice department investigating fatal police shooting of Loreal Tsingine.

Native American artifacts on display at Ole Miss.

SLIDESHOW: Native American Canoe Journey comes to Alki Beach.

One Way to Help Native Americans: Property Rights.

Crow Immersion Camp Hopes To Revive A Threatened Native American Language.

Meet The Maker: Mary Young Bear.

We want to hear from you!

+         Article Links / July 21st - July 31st 2016

Poor cancer care for Native Americans might be a treaty violation.

Cobell Education Scholarship Fund Reaches Nearly $40 Million to Benefit Native American Students.

We want to hear from you!

Olympics-Bound Ashton Locklear “Indian Country is in My Heart!”

John Klein Native Americans in baseball go back more than a century.

20 Native North American Foods with Stories to Tell.

Morton is home to a Native American burial ground.

Senator continues battle to save Native American artifacts from theft and sale.

Federal officials seek advice on National Native American Veterans Memorial during Tulsa-area forum.

It’s just business Entrepreneur turns crisis into opportunity

+         Article Links / July 12th - July 21st 2016

Upcoming Performances: Our drum group "The Gathering of Spirits" will be at the following events.
Please come out and help support our group and center.

The Gathering of Spirits will be performing at the El Paso County Fair and Event Center Complex
Located at 366 10th Street Calhan, Co. 80808 - Sunday, July 17th from 11:00am to 12:30 pm.

The Gathering of Spirits will be performing at Bronc Days, Green Mountain Falls - Saturday, July 30th 2016

Annual Colorado Springs Pow Wow.

We want to hear from you!

Remains of Native American man discovered.

Foster parents lose appeal in fight for Native American girl.

Collaboration targets cancer in Native Americans.

What it's really like to be a Native American teen today.

Ex parks official sentenced for stealing ancient remains of Native Americans.

Native Headdresses in TLC’s ‘Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding’?

+         Article Links / July 1st - July 11th 2016

We want to hear from you!

Native American athletes take center stage in Red Lake Nation summer camps.

How Native American Tribes Saved A Giant, Ancient Squash From Oblivion.

The Gathering of Spirits will be performing at the El Paso County Fair and Event Center Complex
Located at 366 10th Street Calhan, Co. 80808 - Sunday, July 17th from 11:00am to 12:30 pm.

Petroglyphs provide link to Michigan's Native American past.

Portraits Of A Native American Mom Breastfeeding Have A Powerful Message.

A Connecticut Tribe Fights for Recognition, and a Piece of the Casino Industry.

Native Pop! Art show bursts the bubble on stereotypical Native American art.

A chance for change on the Blackfeet Reservation.

Native American Musician and Colville Tribal Chairman, Jim Boyd Dies at 60.

Get sorted into your all-American wizarding house in new Pottermore quiz.

Historical Documents Archive

Click on or Select the Card below to visit our Historical Documents Archive. You can also use the navigation at the top of the page under "Library" and select "Historical Documents".

+         Article Links / June 22nd - June 30th 2016

We want to hear from you!

The Colorado Springs Indian center is hosting a potluck dinner.

The Gathering of Spirits will be performing at the El Paso County Fair and Event Center Complex
Located at 366 10th Street Calhan, Co. 80808 - Sunday, July 17th from 11:00am to 12:30 pm.

First-ever Raritan American Pow Wow aims to educate public.

Mystery of the bent trees.

Police killings of Native Americans must end.

The Modern Enemies of Native Americans.

Budweiser sued by Native American tribe in North Carolina over trademarked logo and slogan.

Can Native American Oyster Practices Rejuvenate the Chesapeake Bay?.

Would Bears Ears monument hinder or protect Native American religion?

A Real War Story, in Drawings.

+         Article Links / June 12th - June 21st 2016

Muhammad Ali memorial Chief Sidney Hill and Chief Oren Lyons- VIDEO, with translation included.

Enhanced Uncirculated 2016-S Native American dollar Enhanced Uncirculated 2016- on sale June 16.

Native Americans at Harvard.

Cherokee Nation contributes $500,000 to National Museum of the American Indian.

Photos: Watch the ‘Shadow Dagger’ Solar Calendar Mark the Equinox.

Fond du Lac Band and Duluth agree to end years of litigation over tribal property - Audio Link.

US Attorney General Lynch meets with Alaska Native leaders.

Procopio Welcomes 2016 Native American Intern Program Participants.

Ancient Seafarers’ Tool Sites, Up to 12,000 Years OldDiscovered on California Island

Archaeological discoveries at rare 400-year-old American Indian homestead site.

Utah Native American Tribes disagree on Monument.

Native American Tribe Fights To Stop Texas From Auctioning Off Its Sacred Objects.

+         Article Links / June 1- June 11th 2016

We are in need of Drummers, Singers, Dancers and Flute Players.

Native Americans move to Frontlines in Battle move to over voting rights.

How One Native American Student Is Fighting Back After Her School Banned Navajo Moccasins.

Some Good Old Days Really Were ‘Good Old Days’.

Native American activist "I am prepared to die here".

Catholics join outrage Over Sale of Sacred Native American items.

US hails ‘small victory’ as Paris auction withdraws Native American shield.

Native American Photography exhibit to premier.

Native American Cyclists to retrace Trail of Tears.

Fiesta Commision Elects first Native American president.

+         Article Links / May 22nd - 31st 2016

Upcoming Performances: Our drum group "The Gathering of Spirits" will be at the following events.
Please come out and help support our group and center.

Territory Days - "Clocktower Stage" performances - Sunday May 29, & Monday May 30 (Official Digital Program)

El Paso County Fair and Event Center Complex - Sunday, July 17th 366 10th Street Calhan, Co. 80808

Bronc Days, Green Mountain Falls - Saturday, July 30th 2016

We are in need of Drummers, Singers, Dancers and Flute Players.

Children remains buried at Carlisle will return home.

If Confirmed, Native American Site May Delay $3.8B Pipeline.

Tiny town 70 miles west of Chicago may bet future on Illinois' First Native American casino.

Once slated for demo, then defaced, Native American Heritage murals live on.

Bison Selected as the Official Mammal of the United States.

Audio Link Gone fishing.

+         Article Links / May 12th - 21st 2016

Update on our CSIC Princess Geri Montoya.

We are in need of Drummers, Singers, Dancers and Flute Players.

Native Americans in Oklahoma join forces to help monarch butterflies.

Native painters transform hotel rooms with large-scale art.

South Dakota tribe seeks children's century-old remains.

Audio Link - World Indigenous people focus on growing need to recognize basic human rights.

U.S. Denies Permit for Coal Terminal in Washington State.

Wear These Native Designs Instead Of Urban Outfitters.

Ole Miss softball shortstop Haikey Lunderman (Choctaw/Lakota) has been named to the ALL-SEC Freahman Team.

Lanigan Students Learn the Art of Storytelling.

+         Article Links / May 1st - 11th 2016

Corps determines Kennewick Man is Native American.

People of the Horse.

Native And Indigenous Peoples Come Together to Celebrate Heritage.

Westerly-born 'Tarzan' Brown's 1936 Boston Marathon gave birth to 'Heartbreak Hill'.

Return of the bison: New American National Symbol tells story of strife

SABL kicks off new season ‘Play ball’

Native American Artist Jamie Okuma Talks Custom Shoe Works.

Geography Student finds 2000 year old Native American Spear and Arrow Points.

Tribune opinion: Native American Mascot Issue not going away any time soon.

Native American 'Teen Vogue' Model Daunnette Reyome Cultural Appropriation in Fashion

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Funds Tribal Food Policy Study.

The Feds Are finally bringing Traditional Foods to Indian Reservations.

+         Article Links / April 22nd - 30th 2016

CO Schools Urged to Remove All Native American Mascots.

‘Non-Status’ Indians in the U.S.? Part 1: A Lesson From the Canadian Supreme Court in Daniels v. Canada.

Andrew Jackson to Exit the Front of the $20 Bill.

Make America Great: Get All Our Children “Off the Reservation”.

RES OK 2016: Register & Save Now With Early Bird Rates! Expires May 6th!

AUDIO Link Gardening 101.

Navajo Spelling Bee Champ heads to national.

American Indian American Indian Narratives in Picture Form.

Colville Reservation one of two selected for national census test.

+         Article Links / April 12th - 21st 2016


The Colorado Springs Indian Center Potluck dinner scheduled for 4/16/2016 is Cancelled and will be rescheduled.

Joe Medicine Crow, a war chief, historian The last link to the Battle of Little Big Horn dies at 102.

Hispanic? Don’t deny our Native American heritage.

'Going Green' Is Really 'Going Native' Western Apache Chef Nephi Craig.

Ancient DNA Tells Story of Native American Devastation.

Navajo Nation can seek potentially millions from Urban Outfitters over use of their name.

Native American Church Can't Use Pot, Judges Say.

Delaware lawyer Indicted in Native American payday loan scheme.

Cheyenne River Sioux elder Honored for contributions to American History.

Frank Waln On Understanding The Native American Experience Through Hip Hop.

+         Article Links / April 1st - 11th 2016

The Colorado Springs Indian center is hosting a potluck dinner.

Tribe breaks ground on 30 new homes.

10 Great Native Films at Durango Independent Film Festival.

Bureau of Indian Affairs places sacred site in Black Hills in trust.

Bison coming 'home' to Montana reservation.

Native American girls fall through the cracks.

One Nation Film Festival focuses on Native American and global indigenous issues tribe.

Audio Link Native Americans work to get Indigenous plants and symbols added to Cleveland Cultural Gardens.

The Cherokee Nation wants to reverse the Silent Epidemic of hepatitis C.

For These Native American Artists the Material Is the Message.


Lots of new articles, websites and video links in the CSIC Library. The Library is a great tool for anyone wishing to research Native American culture, history, traditions and more.

+         Article Links / March 22nd - 31st 2016

Women Play Important Roles in Cherokee Culture.

Indian Choice: Knowledge Is Power With the Land Buy-Back Program.

Remote Utah Enclave Becomes New Battleground Over Reach of U.S. Control.

Poet Tanaya Winder leads readers back to love.

World's Largest Native American Cultural Event to Take Place in Albuquerque Between April 28 and 30.

Rising sea levels forces U.S. to resettle Native American tribe.

Navajo translation of 'Finding Nemo' opens.

Cherokee Nation May Have Cultivated Honey Locust Trees.

First Day of Spring Marked With Sun Daggers, Light Snakes.

+         Article Links / March 12th - 21st 2016

JK Rowling under fire for Native American cultural appropriation in new stories.

Woolly Mullein: The City Cactus.

Songs My Brothers Taught Me Review tale of Lakota life finds wonder in ennui.

Web site praises UWM for Native American studies, services.

Struggle Continues to Keep Yellowstone Grizzlies Protected .

Photo story: University of Northern Colorado celebrates indigenous women.

Colorado schools use of Native American Mascots debated for last time before panel's recommendation.

Turtle Mountain documents help aide Little Shell Tribe recognition.

Audio Link Native organization praises climate change talks by leaders from U.S. and Canada.

Iconic Native American artist Robert Redbird dies.

+         Article Links / March 1st - 11th 2016

‘Stop Disenrollment’ Posts Get More Than 100K Views.

Judge Signs Off on $1 Billion for Tribes.

A Culture Where a Woman's Voice Mattered As Much As Any Man's.

Joanne Shenandoah Transplant Drive.

CMS boosts Medicaid pay for Native American care.

CNAY Celebrates Five Year Anniversary.

Grants to Native American Youth Programs Beefed Up By Education Department.

It's official: Native Americans and Siberians are cousins.

Audio Link - Native American advocates continue to fight Enbridge pipeline project.

Cherokee Nation Accepting Grant Applications for Spring Education Tours.

+         Article Links / February 22nd - 29th 2016

Denver March POWWOW.

Nakotah LaRance successfully defends Adult Hoop Dance World Title at Heard Museum championships.

2016/2017 Resident Theatre Company: Native Voices.

Confluence: Inter-Generational Collaborations.

Contempary Native Photographers an the Edward Curtis Legacy.

This is not the time to boycott the oscars: "The Revenant" is an Indigenous Movie.

8 Native American sites to Explore in Colorado.

If you have heard of the Hopi Blue Star Kachina Prophecy then you must see this article about the newly discovered Planet 9.

FREE Games

       We have enhanced the Video Page and included some documentaries and movies for education and open community discussion.

+         Article Links / February 12th - 21st 2016

Young Native Americans celebrating their culture.

Things to Know About Navajo Nation Urban Outfitters Dispute.

Stereotypes alcohol debunked debunked.

A facinating story from last year worth revisiting about some Ancient Seeds.

The man, the myth, the legend Jim Bridger.

Hoops Heard Round the World 2016 World Championship Hoop Dance Competition.

‘Kill the Indian, Save the Man’ challenges artistic boundaries in Alaska.

The Cheyenne River Youth Project®announces Darrell Redleaf as keynote speaker for 2016 passion for fashion.

Tuscumbia statue could have native American feature.

Vets turn to sweat lodges to treat PTSD.

+         Article Links / February 1st - 11th 2016

New York village decides to change town seal considered racist against Native Americans.

Yvonne Chouteau Native American Ballerina Dies at 86.

Canadians suspend bid to mine near Devil’s Tower.

MOA a new pathway to keep children with their families.

The few and the proud, 11 sworn in as full-time Navajo Nation firefighters.

Re-Visiting Native American Heriatage Month with PBS.

America’s Other Original Sin.

Audio Link - Sarah Deer, on the Book: The Beginning and End of Rape - Confronting Sexual Violence in Native America.

The aftermath of 1492: Native American depopulation impacted ecology.

Revenant Actor Forrest Goodluck On Playing Leonardo DiCaprio's Son.

+         Article Links / January 22nd - 31st 2016

The 35th Annual Colorado Indian Market and Southwest Showcase.

The revenant showcases Native Americans in Hollywood.

Whitesboro residents vote to keep ‘offensive’ seal.

Bundy Militia Post Video Of Themselves Messing With Native American Artifacts.

The Reclaiming of Native American Fashion.

A Mohawk Book Review on 'Minnesota Lacrosse: A History' by J. Alan Childs.

Oneida Nation continues fight against Finger Lakes casino.

Top 5 Native American Fashion Designers' Sites to Visit Now Sites to Visit Now.

The next Great Indian Movie.

Audio Link - Flags on the Navajo Nation are at half-staff in honor of Navajo Code Talker Alfred Peaches.

+         Article Links / January 12th - 21st 2016

Paiute Indians Assert Legacy on Occupied Wildlife Refuge Land.

Leonardo DiCaprio Wants to share Best Actor Award with First Nations and indegenous peoples.

School districts incorporate Native American culture into curriculum.

South Africa's strange 'Native American' fetish.

Legislation could desecrate state's Native American heritage.

Adam Sandler’s ‘Ridiculous 6′ insulted some Native Americans. Now it’s Netflix’s ‘No. 1′ movie.

Lloyd ‘Kiva’ New encouraged Native American students to broaden, modernize their creative works.

Digitizing Native American petitions.

Tribes, governments move to reverse struggles of state’s Native American students.

+         Article Links / January 1st - 11th 2016

125 Years After a Massacre, Native Americans Are Still Fighting to Take Back Wounded Knee.

Audio Link - 2015 Walked On. Native America Calling

Indigenous Land Rights Fight Builds Momentum in 2015.

From the Diker Collection to be exhibited at Toledo Museum of Art.

Indigenous Designer Cher Thomas to Launch alongside Namesake Fashion Label.

Audio Link - Minnesota group recognized for work withpregnant Native women addicted to opioids.

Renovations move forward on Navajo Code Talker's home

Chris Hemsworth, Elsa Pataky Slammed For Native American Costume Party Pic

Film explores Native American child displacement Native American child displacement

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