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Dream Warrior

Dream Warrior

       We are currently developing some free to play games to enhance the overall experience for visitors to our website. Games are a long standing tradition within the Native American community and we would hope to enhance and continue that tradition. Games are often a source of enjoyment, learning and social interaction. Some of the games will have additional levels or features added to them. Please enjoy the free games. There are more games to come in the future.

        The first game is an arcade style game called "Dream Warrior". If you can click a mouse or tap a screen you can play this game. Through the actions of going against evil you will help to release positive energy into the universe. Do your part and help the Dream Warrior protect the dreamcatcher from the evil nighmares.

Hubbub - A Native American Dice Game


       This is a Player VS Ghost Player(computer) version of Hubbub. The game of Hubbub is a traditional game that was played with great excitement and cellebration. The game was played for furs, trade goods, money and even land ownership. There are many variations of the game. Our version is customized to play online. Please enjoy a game that has been played by many, for more than four hundred years.

Red Feather - The Bravery Trials Part 1


       This is a game of precision movement. Each level is a unique movement puzzle. A platform and physics game that is controller enabled. For computers running windows: If you have a wired XBOX 360 controller, it will plug and play with your computer through the USB connection. Red Feather plays like a classic platformer that includes physics interactions with the environment and solving movement puzzles.

VirtDrum - A Blessed Drum App


       This is a very simple App that allows you to play a Virtual Drum that has been blessed and recieved ceremonial prayer. You can adjust the tone of the drum to play with friends or simply to find the tone you like for your own singing.

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