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Historical Documents Archive

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Note to our Visitors

       The information contained in the following documents is dissiminated for educational discussion and research. Some of the material contained in the Historical Documents Archive is written by Government employed personnel from the time the documents were created. The documents also contain diary accounts and books by early American settlers and their perspectively written encounters with Native American tribes. There is also scientific documentation of many tribal languages, customs, artifacts, hunting/fishing methods, and many other traditions some of which are considered lost and forgotten. There is important geneological information and familial refrences in some documents that may help some to discover lost branches or members of their family tree.

       There are documented accounts that contain tragic situations. Yet others contain stories of bravery and heroism. While these documents do contain helpful information, they are not perfect and contain accounts of a sensative nature. The documents are written by men and women of the time who are subject to flaw and their perspective opinions.

       The views or opinions written by the authors are not the views or opinions of the Colorado Springs Indian Center. We are simply creating a document collection to encourage cultural studies and to create conversations about the history of the indegenous peoples of America. There are not many books or articles written by indegenous Americans during this time in history. Documents of this type are all that we have from this era, so we feel it is important to review these documents for historical discussion.

We hope you enjoy the collection, find it helpful, and we hope that you engage in conversations about Native American history.

Colorado Springs Indian Center

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