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Welcome to our Photo Gallery! Click on a button below to see the image. The photos are from performances of the "Gathering of Spirits" drum group and various events that the Colorado Springs Indian Center has attended or sponsored in the past few years.

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2015 Cheyene Resort Performance

       We were at Cheyenne Resort for the second time because they liked our performance for their members that have lost love ones due to Suicide. We performed about two years ago for Taps which is out of Massachusetts. They have members all over the United States. Very nice people that were very graceful and friendly.

Pastor Speaks

These additional images were taken by Kurt D. Brown.

Prayer to the Creator
Ed & Dave
Old Friends Sit In
New Friends Sit In
Elda & Doris

These additional images were taken by David Chambers.

Side Group Day 2
Carol & Doris
Bear Teaching the Young Ones
Carol Teaching in the Tipi
By the Bull

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