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Documentaries and Movies

       The following documentaries and movies are provided to encourage open discussion about the way Native Americans are portrayed in television and movies. There is also an educational aspect to the movies and documentaries included. The doucumentary Dakota 38+2 shows us how in history there was violence on both sides from the whites and from Native Americans. The Native Americans were defending their homeland, and the white people thought they could settle on the land because the government didn't stop them. We believe this movie is showing how a long time ago wasn't right. During this day and age, people have mixed with all races of people, and it is time to heal the pain from the past. Countries have had war with one another and now are no longer enemies. The Colorado Springs Indian Center feels this movie has a message that is good to share. The Dakota 38+2 shows us that it takes a lot of strength to not hate, forgive and live in peace.

       While some of the stories in the documentaries are discussing topics of a sensitive nature, we believe it is important for peace of mind, healing and reconciliation. Please discuss Native American history, traditions and culture with your friends and family.

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The movies are included as is and have not been edited by the Colorado Springs Indian Center in any way.
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