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Donate now to help the Colorado Springs Indian Center

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The Colorado Springs Indian Center is a 501c3 Nonprofit organization and your donations are tax deductible.

Sharing our culture unites us and brings many people together.

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President: Jim Bear Running Montoya | Vice President: Debbie Nelson

Bear RunningDeb Nelson

Hello Everyone,

       The Colorado Springs Indian Center has managed to remain independent, maintaining our insurance and operating expenses thanks largely to help of our drum group, "The Gathering of Spirits" that I started in 2012 as a way to make money, and generate income for the Center. They have worked very hard to keep the bills paid maintaining our insurance and operating expenses, but we don’t have the necessary funds needed to help us strengthen our programs, and develop new projects helping our community and center.

       We have applied for several grants, and remain hopeful that they might be approved but have not had much luck so far, and are asking for your help to survive. We would appreciate any type of donations that you can give to help us keep the center open and promote the preservation of Native Culture. In return we are willing to help our Sponsor with educational showings, such as drumming, singing, dancing, and speaking to classes or companies.

       We will continue to bring in as much money as our performances allow, but need extra help to survive. Our endeavor is to give a location to all races of people who have an interest in native culture and way of life. We would like to have enough money available to offer dancing, beading, regalia making, community dinners, potlucks etc.

       If you wish to donate, any amount (large or small) would be greatly appreciated ($ 1.00 to $ 10.00).

       Here is our address: 701 N 20th Street Colorado Springs, CO 80904-2799
(or for your convenience a donation button has been added to our web site).

       On the behalf of the Colorado Springs Indian Center and the Board of Directors, we would like to Thank you for your support and willingness to help us save our Center.


       Jim Bear Running Montoya
       President of the Colorado Springs Indian Center

       Debbie Nelson
       Vice President of the Colorado Springs Indian Center

Gathering of Spirits


Colorado Springs Indian Center
701 N 20th Street Colorado Springs, CO 80904
Phone: (719) 599-8630

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